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Leung's Waiming Group set up in Hongkong in 1969, after 50 years' development, the group has became an important enterprise in many industries.

At the beginning, Leung's Waiming Group start its business with Chemical products which gained great success. Since then lot of customers come to Waiming industrial district to purchase glues and its excellent quality products help Waiming Group won famous title in the chemical industry.

During 1993~2007, Waiming Group built 2 new factories to produce shoe materials and hardware products, which mainly supply to famous brand: Nike,BellE,Daphne, etc.

In 2008, Weikang company starts produce PVC floor in Huizhou city. Although pvc flooring is not commonly know in domestic markets, Weikang registered its first pvc flooring brand" Naibaoli" for domestic markets, and won lot of support among new customers. In 2014, Weikang successfull registered brand "Rococo" for its oversea markets in France, which is famous for its special and elegant design.

Nowadays, Leung's waiming group has spread its business all over the world.

The founder of Waiming Group hope that everyone who works in the group has the opportunity to learn and build up his/her own ability. 

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