Founded by renowned designer Jeff Feng, it is a leading design consulting group in commercial space design and development strategy. Rich in data and experience in complex design consulting, repeatedly awarded by leading development group; In terms of business development strategy, artistic and thematic innovation can excellently multiply the value of the project. In terms of project management and operation, engineering control and business distribution are scientific, and performance and environmental indicators are excellent.



Founder/CEO/Chief Designer of J2/Visiting professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Jeff Feng, gradated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and studied at South China University of Technology, is the student of the educator Dingbang Yin and the academician Jingtang He.

Mr. Jeff  founded  houhu design in guangzhou and J2 design in New York. The J2 houhua team he led quickly became the top commercial space creation team. Later, through the public art of zell, VLA architectural design, and zell development, it gradually expanded into a leading enterprise in commercial and complex project development strategy, design and management.

Mr. Jeff and J2 houhua design are leaders in integrated design and commercial project strategy.


We believe that good public space design can directly improve people's behavior and communication quality;

Creating engaging themes and experience in our space is the smartest way to attract customers;


Honor is the core of our corporate culture, and we value both tangible and intangible assets.

We attach great importance to strategic as well as visual design;

We look forward to our project to promote social renewal, and this honor is the highest recognition for us!


Making the cities great is our responsibility.

We cooperate with non-profit institution to help children in Guizhou.

We support related academic activities.


If you understand yourself and communicate well with others;

have an unique skill or talent;

love J2s culture and recognize our values,

Just join us.


J2 multiple area management to maximize business expansion and project effectiveness.

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